The branding, “Made in Italy” is known globally that gives Italy a firm investment platform for investors locally and from abroad. Italy’s economy is made up of a vast diversity of small and medium sized family owned business forced by quality and qualified professionals that bring a niche products and services. Italy strategic geographical place facilitates exporting its products and services to all over the world and increases its industry brand awareness and makes it attractive for investors looking at real asset investments. Italy economy is also divided into highly developed manufacturing industry in the north of the country dominated by the private sector and agriculture industry in the south of the country, lending to diversification by industry.

In spite the current European market performance, the general outlook is enthusiastically for Italian investments, especially with strong commercial links with many countries worldwide, and in particular Germany. There is no current substantial growth although no volatility indicating a stable investment climate. Italy has positive macro and micro economic indicators that attract back foreign investments into the country. Italian entrepreneurs have the creativity; know how, quality and engineering, which create a significant amount of industrial investment opportunities.

Italy has also recently enacted legislation to attract foreign investment and there are a number of government and private bodies that assist foreign investors to find and evaluate investment opportunities in Italy. A number of Middle Eastern governments and sovereign funds have invested directly in Italy lately beside capital inflow coming from Asian and USA private investors, among which Blackrock and Blackstone. For these reasons, we as a family office are now invested into Italian Industrials and remain bullish on investment value in Italy industrials.  

Mohammad Al-Duaij is the Managing director for the family office, Alea Global Group based in Kuwait

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