SFO has a specialized deal flow derived internally from members, private sources, and private placements as well as the ability to provide due diligence or investments vetting for external or public sources. Many of these deals that can range from private equity to real estate, to investments across various industries such as mining, shipping, commodities and financial products are member generated or principally invested, looking for a similar investment profile from partners or collaborators. Please contact SFO for current deal flow.

Project Luxury Lifestyle

Pre-RTO funding into a vehicle which is contemplating to list in SGX through RTO. Vehicle will be injected with high-end lifestyle villas. Management and development companies are both world renowned luxury lifestyle companies. The pre-RTO funding will be secured against land parcels which has valuation worth more than US$8x m.

Project Growth

Company that is in the molecular diagnostics industry is seeking funding to bring them out of Judicial Management. Company has already completed R&D phase and is currently market ready. Top-tier US banks have conducted independent valuation which puts the Company over US$200m.

Project Mining Expansion

A Brazil family-owned mining corporation has raised $2bn BZR for domestic expansion. It is currently looking for partners and capital for international export.

Project Solvency Restructuring

Distressed bond offering from a Brazil company who has filled for bankruptcy protection but is securitized by the asset value. It is currently trading at a significant discount awaiting solvency restructuring.

Project Mediterranean Hospitality

A hotel group based in Mediterranean is looking to exit and sell hotel assets. The assets are based on various Mediterranean islands and popular tourist locations. It is mainly boutique and specialized hotels, a mix of owner operated and owned locations.

Project PE restructuring

Investment into a distressed financial institution as a Private Equity investment for restructuring and re-management. A pension fund will match the fund raised. Seeking up to €70m.

Project Learning Application

Learning App: Series A and B Intermediate funding in a convertible note format for a learning App that has user crowd funded content and has gathered institutional support.

Project Telecomm

Company is in telecommunication technology industry. Currently partnering with various countries' telecomm operators to increase revenue through pre-paid subscribers. Company has already developed and proved cash flow positive in certain Europe and Middle East regions. The Company is currently looking for partners and introductory agents in Asia namely Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Project RE

A high-rise building located in central Singapore is available for purchase. Its unique location is a new office cluster to complement exisiting CBD while retaining historical districts in its vinicity. Due to its close proximity to many renowned hospitals, it has great potential to be converted to medical suite. It also can be converted to hotel due to its strategic location. Various permutation of investment options lies with this unique building.

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